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Traveling is not as stressful as it used to, some many people have being discouraged from traveling because of how stressful traveling could get, from getting your passport, to getting your visa, booking a flight, looking for the cheapest and most conducive airline and finally getting a hotel and getting to know about the culture of the new country you are in.

But traveling has been made a lot easier now with all the travel agencies out today to help make our journey stress free and give the best travel experience you could ever wish for.

A friend was telling me about a time he was traveling and he had one of the worst experience where the airline he was in had a stopover for over fourteen hours without any plans for the travelers and they all had to sleep at the airport and how it was one of the worst experience he had traveling.

It is not impossible but advisable to take a trip abroad with the help of a travel agency. The most important role of any travel agency is to help make your travel plan as easy and as comfortable as possible. They will save you time and give you all the necessary and important information on everything you will need to know for your trip.

Sometimes you might not know much about the culture or the way of life of the place you want to visit. The travel agency helps give information on those places provide useful advice. Some of the services offered by the best travel agencies in Nigeria include organizing professional tours to different parts of the world, getting your visa, booking flight at cheaper rates, holiday deals, hotel reservations, renting cars, online services and so on.

There are so many fake and incompetent travel agencies and so many people often fall for this fake travel agencies who lie and steal their money. Differentiating between the real and fake travel agencies is very important.

Before you pay any travel agency, Be sure to get all the facts about your trip right, the agent should be able to provide you with all the information you need regarding visa application and processing, the complete journey, and how much you are going to be paying for each aspect of your journey. The lesser details your agent is willing to provide for you, the more likely it is that you are getting swindled.

Make sure to research the agency before paying, most genuine agencies have social media pages like Facebook and Instagram and you can easily get the information you need. Check for reviews on their web page and social media pages. The reviews tell a lot about the agency.

Do a personal follow up, call to confirm hotel reservations and airline reservations and all is paid for even after the agent has told it has been paid to avoid problems.

Make sure you’re the travel agency has an office address which you can easily trace back in case of any issues. Most scammers and swindlers don’t have offices and it would be difficult to locate them if you have any problems.

If it is comparatively cheaper, then there is a problem. You can get agencies that are cheaper than some but not so much, they say ’if it is too good to be true, it probably is’.

Brivin Travel & Tours is one of the leading Tour Operators in Nigeria, providing comprehensive services for groups and individuals from and to the country.


Brivin Travel & Tours was first established in the year 2019 by qualified professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the tourism industry. Holding places, people and customs through professional guides, modern transportation, quality hotels, fine restaurants and other key vendors. You can check their web page on https://brivininternational.com.

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